Itemized Services

Here you can choose non-required services and options without the restriction of a package.


Required Services include:


Professional Services of Funeral Director and Staff $495.00

This fee is for the professional services of our funeral director and staff. It includes staff available during business hours, initial response to request for service, the arrangement conference, planning a cremation or direct burial, obtaining any necessary permits. The professional service fee will be added to the total cost of any cremation or burial arrangements you select. 


Minimum Use of Facilities $300.00

This fee covers basic overhead expenses related to our facility such as insurance, maintenance, utilities, equipment and administrative costs. 


If in-office arrangements are made on a weekend or holiday $175.00

If Funeral or Memorial Services are scheduled on a weekend or holiday $400.00



Options for you to select:


Embalming $495.00

Except in certain cases embalming is not required by law. Embalming may be necessary, however, if you select certain funeral arrangements such as a funeral with a viewing. If you do not want embalming you usually have the right to choose an arrangement that does not require you to pay for it such as direct cremation or immediate burial.


Additional Care of the Decedent:

Bathing and Handling $125.00

Dressing, Cosmetology, Hairdressing and Casketing Remains $145.00

Preparation for Identification Viewing of Un-embalmed Remains $100.00

Temporary Holding of Embalmed Remains (per day) $30.00

Temporary Holding of Un-embalmed Remains in refrigerated care (up to 3 days) $180.00

Post Autopsy Care $175.00

Pacemaker Removal Fee $25.00


Use of Equipment, Facilities and Staff:

Equipment and Staff for Funeral Ceremony or Memorial Service in other Facility $395.00

Equipment and Staff for Graveside Service $270.00  

Viewing of deceased in Chapel $150.00 (Up to 10 Family Members)

Chapel Rental for Memorial Service $325.00

Reception Room (Facility is available to provide refreshments and food) $225.00


Transportation: (all transportation charges are based on a local 35 mile radius)

Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home (regular business hours M-F 8 am -5 pm) $175.00

After Normal Business Hours add: $150.00

Additional Attendant if Needed add: $150.00

Transfer of Casketed Remains to Local Church and/or Cemetery by Hearse $250.00

Transfer of Casketed Remains to Local Cemetery by Van $175.00

Flower Car/Utility Vehicle (local) $75.00

Transfer to San Francisco International Airport (115 miles) flat rate $260.00

Use of Vehicles outside local Radius per mile $3.00

Limousine - (3 hour minimum) $250.00

Motorcycle Escort (two motorcycles for two hours each) $400.00


Caskets - (A complete price list will be provided at the funeral home)

Adult $880.00 to $6,390.00

Infant & Child $125.00 to $1,640.00

Rental Casket: (Casket Insert portion of cost subject to sales tax) $820.00


Service Related Merchandise:

Service Package (includes) Register Book, 50 folders & acknowledgment cards, 2 bookmarks $99.95

Register Books $27.95

Prayer Cards (per 50) $25.50

Memorial Folders (per 50) $45.00  

Additional Sets of Prayer Cards or Memorial Folders $18.00  

Add Picture and or minor photo shop $35.00

Acknowledgment Cards (25 per box) $8.50

Crucifix for Casket $18.50

Thumbies & Buddies - rings, tags, charms and precious metal chains (Based on Silver & Gold prices)

Crucifix for Family $9.50

Memorial Photo Slideshow Presented by Manny Chavez Photography $295.00

Rosary Beads $6.00

Estate Processing Fee (Life Insurance Assignment Billing & Death Certificate ) $161.00  



Dresses; Suits $95.00 to $195.00

Undergarments $7.50  


Common Cash Advance Items:  (We may charge a fee for obtaining these items)

Certified Copy of Sacramento County Death Certificate (other counties differ) $21.00 each

Permit for Disposition $12.00 each

Emergency Filing on weekend or holiday $400.00

Mailing of Certified Death Certificates (Return receipt) $10.00

Notary (per signature as quoted) $15.00

Flowers (Deliver directly to location) As selected by family

Filing Amendment on Death Certificate or Permit Revision $50.00


Fees for Medical Examiner or Coroners Office: 

Alameda County Coroner Fee $160.00

Sacramento Coroner Removal Fee $400.00

San Joaquin County Coroner Fee $ 250

Placer County Coroner Fee $160.00